Writing Practice

Day 4: A Brother Named Jambalaya and a Couple of Doves

Today’s Writing Mission: Turn sentences 9-14 into six more paragraphs, for a total of 15. 9. Jambalaya is supposed to be a supper, but Mama thrust that name on my big brother, which I swear was the start of all my troubles. Mama didn’t even cook Jambalaya, not then and not now. Her people aren’t […]

Day 3: A Sphynx, a Hydrangea and a Teacher named Prooba (6 Paragraphs)

Today’s Writing Mission: Stretch six more sentences into paragraphs for a total of nine paragraphs, so far. 3. I climbed to the top of the PPL building because I promised, but it didn’t go the way I planned. When I finally made it as far up as the elevators allowed, I stepped outside and pressed […]

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