Writing Practice

Day 5: A Kangaroo, a Franken-elephant, and Rain against The Roof

I wrote five paragraphs today. I ended with 21 total paragraphs. Next step, I’ll stretch 10 of those into 10 pages. 15. On my first day of second grade everyone in Ms. Link’s class had to say what animal they were most like and I, a fidgety child with a habit of storing treasures in […]

Day 4: A Brother Named Jambalaya and a Couple of Doves

Today’s Writing Mission: Turn sentences 9-14 into six more paragraphs, for a total of 15. 9. Jambalaya is supposed to be a supper, but Mama thrust that name on my big brother, which I swear was the start of all my troubles. Mama didn’t even cook Jambalaya, not then and not now. Her people aren’t […]

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